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Wash your hands!

We’ve all heard it a million times, but thanks to COVID 19 we are constantly bombarded with “Wash your hands” and “Don’t touch your face.” Honestly, it’s always been an important message but even more so now.

Yes, it is so simple that it sounds corny, but please wash your hands. Hand sanitizer is a great option when you can’t wash, but regular hand washing helps prevent the spread of germs. A quick 20 second wash can prevent you getting ill as well as prevent you from spreading illness to others.

Here’s a demo from Alton Brown on hand washing explaining how and why to wash. 


We agree with carrying soap with you for hand washing and that’s one of our favorite uses of our soap samples.  If you don’t have access to water, then keep some hand sanitizer with you.  

Be safe.  Now that quarantine is opening back up, we still need to take care to prevent spreading the virus. 

If you want some soap samples, just drop us a line and we will try to get a few over to you.


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